SafeKids: Protecting Kids from Sexual Abuse

SafeKids: Protecting Kids from Sexual Abuse

Flatonia Baptist Church is committed to ensuring the safety of all children and youth who attend our ministry activities.  For that reason, our church has begun a new initiative called SafeKids.  This program is designed to equip our adults with the tools they need to protect our kids from sexual abuse.

Part 1: Screening Process

Before they can work with children or youth, adult workers must have been a member of Flatonia Baptist Church for at least six months or a regular attender for at least a year.  This allows us to have an opportunity to become familiar with each of our adults and to evaluate their fitness to work with our kids.  Additionally, all adult workers are required to pass a criminal background check, renewed every two years, and resolve any questions raised by the background check before they are allowed to participate in children’s or youth ministry activities.

Part 2: Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

All of our adult workers are required to have a basic understanding of the dangers of sexual abuse and the behavior of abusers.  They are required to complete sexual abuse awareness training each year.  This training focuses on understanding the grooming process, recognizing dangerous behavior, and taking steps to stop potentially dangerous situations.

Part 3: Policies and Procedures

Using information and resources from experts in the field, our church has compiled a policy manual that is designed to prevent situations in which abuse can occur.  These policies are updated each year based on current best practices as well as our experiences in the prior year.  Our adult workers will receive specific training in these policies each year prior to the start of the summer’s activities and are required to sign an agreement form indicating their commitment to follow the policies whenever they are interacting with children or youth at our church.

Part 4: Reporting Suspected Abuse

All of our adults receive specific training on when, how, and to whom to report suspected abuse or neglect of minors in our care.  Our church is committed to taking immediate action if any dangerous situation arises and to reporting suspected abuse to the proper child protection authorities.  Each of our adults is required to promptly report any suspicious activity and to work with church leaders to ensure that reports are made to law enforcement when appropriate.


If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please contact the church office and we will be happy to speak with you.  Thank you for your trust in our church and for allowing us to work with your children!

2019-2020 SafeKids Policy Manual

Please click here to download our full SafeKids Policy Manual.