Women on Mission (WOM)

Women on Mission (WOM)

Who We Are

The Women on Mission (WOM) of Flatonia Baptist Church is a group of dedicated ladies who provide leadership for our church’s mission efforts throughout the year.  The ladies of the WOM work diligently to present our church with opportunities to be involved in missions around the world, to encourage our church to support missions financially, and to ensure that the message of Christ is presented through our church’s mission efforts to people in our community and across the globe.

What We Do

Among other activities, the WOM is responsible for:

  • Identifying mission projects in which the church can be involved and spearheading our efforts in those projects
  • Providing leadership and insight as the church allocates funds for local mission projects and direct support of missionaries
  • Bringing emphasis and energy to the church’s support for the three offerings that support broader mission efforts: the Lottie Moon Offering for International Missions, the Annie Armstrong Offering for North American Missions, and the Mary Hill Davis Offering for State Missions

How You Can Be Involved

If you are a woman who attends Flatonia Baptist Church, you are automatically a member of the WOM. We would love your input, support, and fellowship as we work to support the mission focus of our church.  We have meetings each quarter where we talk about ideas and identify and plan projects. We welcome your input as we seek future projects to undertake!

For more information about the WOM, please contact the church office (361-865-3813 or office@flatoniabaptist.org).