Expressing God’s Love

Expressing God’s Love

Time was short.  He knew his own death was imminent.  He only had a few short moments left on this earth with those He counted as followers.  Jesus had to make a decision.  What would He teach these disciples in the last little bit of time they had left together? 

In John’s account of these moments, we read of Christ’s final encouragements.  Jesus told His disciples to remain in Him; to abide in Him.  In and through their relationship with Christ, they would find all the motivation, power, and wisdom they would need in order to overcome life’s obstacles and live out God’s purpose for their lives.

Christ would tell them to listen to His words and stay connected to Him through prayer.  Christ had already taught them so much.  His lessons came by the way of spoken word, miraculous demonstrations, and plenty of the on-the-job training.  The followers’ job now was simply to remember these important lessons offered by Christ and to pass on their meaning to those who would become disciples.  In doing this, they had to remember to stay attached to Christ.  They could do nothing on their own; all of their power would come from a Higher Source.  This type of connection could only be maintained through prayer.  Jesus did go on to give them an incredible promise! If they would stay joined with Christ in this way, all of their prayers would be answered!

Finally, as Jesus so often did, He simplified the message.  This was one of the final times they would be together.  Jesus needed to give these men one thought to go on.  They didn’t need a laundry list of do’s and don’ts.  Jesus gave them one command.  Love Each Other!

Yes, they were supposed to pass on all of Christ’s teachings.  Yes, they were supposed to show God’s love through visible acts of kindness.  But, over and above all of these commands was this overarching covering of the love they would have for each other.  We believe that after more than 2,000 years, what the world needs from the church today is that we would be living out this exact same command from Christ.

At Flatonia Baptist Church, our goal is to Experience God’s Love.  Our desire is to stay connected to Christ as we are encouraged to do in Scripture.  In doing this, we will grow deeper and deeper into this love that God has for us.  In the end, however, a one-way love is truly no love at all.  Therefore, it is our further desire that somehow, in some way, we would be able to transition this love that we have from the Father out from our hearts into this world that is in desperate need of God’s love.  We must experience God’s love, but we must also be willing to share God’s love!

This blog is one such attempt at this endeavor.  The blog itself is entitled, Expressing God’s Love, because our hope here is that through this medium we can encourage followers of Christ to delve further and deeper into their relationship with God.  If we can provide a word of comfort, encouragement, motivation, or even humor that makes your path in life a little clearer, then we will consider God’s will to be accomplished.

This blog is brought to you by the staff of Flatonia Baptist Church.  Please join us as we open this dialogue and begin Expressing God’s Love to each other.