The Way Home, Day 5

The Way Home, Day 5

Written by Todd Law

Luke 8:16 “No one after lighting a lamp covers it with a jar or puts it under a bed, but puts it on a stand, so that those who enter may see the light.”

You may have heard this analogy before, but I think it is a good one:

Imagine your neighbor’s house is on fire.  After speaking with your neighbor an hour earlier, you know that your neighbor and his daughter took some medicine – that causes drowsiness – and have settled down for the night.  You know that both bedrooms are near the front door but you notice the fire is overtaking the back portions and upper floor of the house.  Worried that they may not wake up before the smoke or flames overwhelm them, you hurry down the street.

How would you act from that moment forward?  Would you simply stand out front and “hope” that the father and daughter made it out alive?  Would you knock on the front door quietly so that you did not wake or offend them – wishing not to intrude?  OR Would you beat on the door and shout as loudly as you could to get their attention?

I hope it’s the latter.  I hope you would do whatever is necessary to get them that vital piece of information – that their house is on fire, and I hope you would do whatever you could to help them live.  When we come in contact with those who need Jesus, how do you respond?  Do you pray from a distance and “hope” it works out?  Do you hesitate because you do not want to offend?  Or do you show passion and urgency for non-Christians to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and obtain ever-lasting life?  Lost people receiving the gift of salvation is THE most important thing that they can do…it is URGENT!  I’m not undervaluing praying for the lost…it is the most important thing we can do.  However, when we have a week such as the week that we will have during baseball camp in Germany, we will have numerous contacts with those who have not accepted Christ, it is up to us to take a more active role and show some urgency in bringing people to Christ.  Show urgency on your trip to Bunde.