Broken Down (Stranded, Day 1)

Broken Down (Stranded, Day 1)

Written by Jacob Mason

This week we are going to look at what it’s like to be stranded, and how God can be seen even through the times that may seem hopeless. Don’t worry, next week we all get to think about much happier ideas but for this week I challenge you to think back to a time when you were stranded or separated from God and find where he still showed up during those times. Realize as we start this idea of stranded, most if not all the kids you will be ministering to this summer have felt or still feel stranded in life.

How does God show himself when you feel stranded?

What are some things in your life you forget to check until you need them?

When I was at Texas State, I got a call from one of my friends asking if I could come to pick him up, his truck was stranded on the side of the road. When I made it to him, he stood up slowly dragged over to my truck and plopped down on my passenger seat without saying a word. Being a good friend, I, of course, made fun of his much nicer and newer truck being broken down while my much older and not so nice truck was running fine. He looked up and said, “it’s not broken I have a flat.” This young man was the most prepared man I have ever met. The kind that doesn’t bring 2 pencils to a test he brings a box; he had every tool known to a mechanic and probably a few they’ve never heard of. To call him prepared was an understatement. I asked the simple question “where is your spare?”

Luke 14:28:

“For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete it?”

This friend of mine thought he could fix everything but forgot the most important thing, to check on his spare tire. That’s what happens with our relationship with God. We forget to make sure our relationship is strong or even existent till we need him. My friend had so many tools at his disposal, but without the tire all of them were worthless. It’s the same for us we can read the lessons, we can open our Bible, we can do extra devotions, but without our relationship with God, it’s all worthless. God is that spare tire that we from time to time rely on, but that’s not what we are called to do, our relationship is supposed to continually be worked on. God built us for a relationship with him, to talk and walk together through life.

Think about what these kids are going to be dealing with, think about your kids or back to your youth and the problems you struggled with. We all need guidance for us on this trip we have God to guide our lives, but some of these kids don’t. As we dive deeper into what it looks like to be stranded think about how you saw God even in your struggle.  


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