Caught Every Time (Great Expectations, Day 2)

Caught Every Time (Great Expectations, Day 2)

Written by Natalie Foreman

At baseball camp this year we will be focusing on the story of the Lost Son. This story is not very long, but is full of life applicable lessons that we all need to hear.

As we think of Great Expectations and this parable that Jesus told, we can see how this son’s expectations were probably pretty high. He just KNEW he would get his share of the inheritance and his life would be everything that he every wanted. The parable says that he took the money and then indulged in “wild living”. Now I am not one for wild living, because it isn’t befitting for a Christ follower, but also because I know if I break any rule, I will get caught. It has always been this way.

Let me give you an example of how this has always played out in my life. My “wild” days in college consisted of 2 part-time jobs and hanging out with my roommates, so they were actually more mild than wild. While at Blinn College, I began working at the apartments on campus. As a resident assistant, it was my job to make sure everyone was following the rules and to help the other residents if they needed assistance. My apartment was right around the corner from the office, so it made life quite simple. One day my roommates got a “wild” hair and decided that we should play volleyball in the parking lot. Not a big deal… but definitely against the rules. As we were bumping the volleyball, minding our own business, here comes my boss around the corner. We had a nice talk and then she returned back to the office, and we went back to the apartment with our volleyball. Weeks later, my roommates and I were visiting a friend across the complex, and they decided to play volleyball again. I asked that we play on the sand court, because honestly, it is right next to our apartment, but the parking lot was right there, so we played again. In the parking lot. And guess who comes around the corner… none other than my boss.

The problem with all of this is, I knew better. I knew and yet I went along with the roommates and chose to break a rule deliberately. I wanted to tell my friends I told you so, but as I walked across the lot to my boss who was giving me a very disappointed look. I wish at that moment I could have melted into the parking lot and get washed down the road.  I knew the rules. I have had this rule personally explained before, but yet that knowledge didn’t keep me from breaking the rule. James 4:17 warned of this, “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.”

Playing volleyball doesn’t often resemble sin, but in this case, it did. I can’t be the one that just throws caution to the wind and live wildly, because God has instilled in me a strong and LOUD conscience, so that I do what I know is right.

Allow God to begin working on your life as we approach our upcoming mission trip. Let God become what you strive for. Don’t get caught in the trap that this world has set up. Don’t be like the Lost Son and strive for your own benefit and gain. The Lost Son’s expectations were great and big. He had the proverbial green light to do whatever he wanted, and it was fleeting. The money ran out and his expectations went out the window as reality began to set in. Begin praying for every kid you will come into contact with, for an openness and willingness to hear and understand the teachings. Pray that these kids would come for baseball but leave knowing and seeking God.


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