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Posts by Tim Rowell

Kobe and the Warriors

Clearly, this past Wednesday night was one of the most significant regular season finale nights in recent NBA history. When we got home from church, Matthew asked me which game I wanted to watch – Kobe Bryant’s last game in the NBA or the Golden State Warriors’ chance to break the record for the most wins in the regular season. My answer to him was that I would rather…

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

I hate to start out by quoting Elvis, but I just couldn’t help it.  I read something interesting recently that has me thinking a little differently about this idea of loneliness.  I will get to that in just a moment, but I feel like we should start from a more common perspective.

Hidden in Plain Sight

We have looked everywhere and it is still missing. What do we do now? That is pretty much how I feel about my daughter’s lost iPhone.   It seems like it would be difficult to really just misplace a phone in the world we live in today, but we have managed to do it. As Kailtyn last remembers, she had her phone in her room when Debra called from the kitchen for her to come…

Consider the Ant….

We all know that we need rain. The amount that we have had this year is amazing; especially when compared with recent years. However, I think we could all admit that this year’s numbers are a bit skewed. We might very well be above our average rainfall for the year, but the fact that so much of it came in basically two or three days means that we have had some…

Stuck in the Middle

I think we can all agree that no one likes to be stuck in the middle of a difficult situation. Whether it is dealing with an issue at work, playing referee at home, or trying to step in and help a friend, these can make for pretty stressful times for us. However, I have to admit, I am stuck in the middle of a pretty good situation these days.

A Little Optimism Never Hurt Anyone

Over the last couple of weeks, our worship services have been focused on the concept of encouragement. We have been considering questions, such as: how can we be a person who is constantly in the mode of encouraging others? What about being more encouraging to ourselves? In short, how can we simply be more positive? One of the phrases that I have probably repeated…

Opposing Realities

I often tell people that one of my goals in life is to get to the place where all the furniture we buy as a family does not have to be put together.  But, for now, I still find myself, from time to time, following a set of instructions (usually in multiple languages).  I am sure that you have had similar experiences.  It is great to have a new bookcase, coffee table, or…

Stupid Thing to Be Angry About

The Apostle James wrote this warning, “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.”  (James 1:19)  The Bible is clear that anger is a valid response to many circumstances in life.  Even Jesus became angry.  


It has always been amazing to me how our perspective of a given situation determines, to a large extent, our response to that circumstance. One of the more humorous examples I could give to prove my point is simply to watch any crowd at any high school basketball game.
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