Posts from 2015 (Page 4)

Posts from 2015 (Page 4)

All Are One

I really enjoyed getting to work on the video we saw during our worship service this last Sunday.  In case you missed it, we had short video testimonials sent in by missionaries from around the world, telling us a little bit about the work that they are doing and thanking our church for partnering with them in their work.  (You can watch it by going here.)


By now, you have no doubt seen many commercials inspired by the fact that we have done nothing more than flip our calendars from one year to the next.  Having a background in business and even taking some marketing classes, I find this time of year very interesting.  I imagine there are many companies who spend a large percentage of, if not their entire, marketing budget…

Expressing God’s Love

Time was short.  He knew his own death was imminent.  He only had a few short moments left on this earth with those He counted as followers.  Jesus had to make a decision.  What would He teach these disciples in the last little bit of time they had left together?