Posts from December 2015

Posts from December 2015

Missing Jesus and Christmas Miracles

Have you ever been in the midst of a storm and felt a crazy, unmerited sense of peace? Well, I can now 100% attest to that. I have felt peace before but never to the illogical level that I felt this December. Martin and I were almost dumbfounded by this sense of peace that basically took over. Let me explain, for months Martin and I had been planning a Christmas Musical…

Hidden in Plain Sight

We have looked everywhere and it is still missing. What do we do now? That is pretty much how I feel about my daughter’s lost iPhone.   It seems like it would be difficult to really just misplace a phone in the world we live in today, but we have managed to do it. As Kailtyn last remembers, she had her phone in her room when Debra called from the kitchen for her to come…

We’re All In This Together

Can I brag about my kids for a minute? By now, I’m sure that pretty much everyone has met my children, Caroline and Mitchell.  Caroline is nearly four and Mitchell is a couple of months shy of being a year and a half, and the speed with which they are growing up is astounding to me.