Posts from October 2015

Posts from October 2015

The Stay-cation

What did you do last weekend?  If you’re like me, your weekend plans were altered somewhat by the rain that we experienced. My family had originally planned to take advantage of the three-day weekend by taking a little trip to the coast with my parents.  We love to go to Port Aransas, and so my dad had booked a condo on the beach and we all planned to enjoy a…

Quick Pick-Up Deception

I was speaking with some fellow church members and we were talking about the cleaning that you get done before people come over. Isn’t it interesting how much cleaning gets done right before someone gets to your house? I mean throughout the week, you can’t find the time, but then there you are in the last hour before they arrive, and your house is “cleaner” than it has…

Stuck in the Middle

I think we can all agree that no one likes to be stuck in the middle of a difficult situation. Whether it is dealing with an issue at work, playing referee at home, or trying to step in and help a friend, these can make for pretty stressful times for us. However, I have to admit, I am stuck in the middle of a pretty good situation these days.

What Are We Missing?

Did you see that video of the college kids taking selfies at a baseball game? Chances are pretty good that you did – it’s been all over social media – Facebook, Twitter, and the like – for several days.  The video is good for a chuckle, and perhaps some reflection on the nature of our culture and the ubiquity of technology that distracts us from…